Why All Businesses Should Have Electronic Payslips

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, digital payslips are starting to become the norm for employees across the UK. Essentially, a digital payslip (or e-slip) is the digital equivalent of a traditional physical payslip. It can usually be accessed through an online portal and contains all of the standard information provided by payroll.


Most online payslip platforms also offer helpful information including National Insurance numbers, copies of P60s, tax codes, and historical payslips. If you’re still using old-fashioned paper payslips in your business, we’ve put together a few excellent reasons to switch below.

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1. Employee Safety

Digital payslips have started to come into their own during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As you’ve probably heard countless times over the past few months, the COVID-19 virus can linger on surfaces such as paper for many hours or even days. If employees are still receiving payslips through the mail, therefore, there is a possibility that they could come into contact with the virus if the hands of colleagues or a postal worker who touch the envelope are contaminated. Whilst this risk may be relatively small, it can be completely eliminated by moving to digital methods of delivery (which also helps to put your employees’ minds at ease). The safety and wellbeing of employees should be an utmost priority, after all.


2. Digital Platforms Are More Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefits of switching to electronic payslips are relatively obvious as it means that fewer documents need to be printed, thereby consuming less paper and ink. Generally speaking, this is a good way to improve your green credentials as a business and will probably be looked upon favourably by staff members.

3. Employees Get Immediate 24/7 Access To Payslip Information

With digital payslips, employees are granted round-the-clock access to their salary information. As well as being very convenient for employees, it will also save your payroll department or admin staff a considerable amount of time and effort as they will not have to handle so many payment queries.

4. Digital Documents Are More Secure

Online payslips can only be accessed by relevant employees with secure login credentials. This makes them much more secure than paper payslips which can be picked up by anyone. For companies concerned with GDPR, this is likely to be excellent news as it makes compliance much easier.


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