What Does Our Payroll Solution For Care Homes Include?


Running a care home can be incredibly stressful, and if you're a care home manager, you want to ensure that you are spending as much time as possible looking after those who need you. You certainly don’t want to be spending hours going through payroll, especially if you have lots of employees.

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At eSlip, we can completely manage all of your payroll needs. Here’s what you need to know about our company and our solutions:


Why Choose eSlip?

At eSlip, our mission is to provide care homes with a payroll solution that can help them to save valuable time. Creating and updating payroll can be incredibly time-consuming, and any mistakes can be hugely expensive to both the company and the employee. With eSlip, you can ensure that everything is taken care of, at a very affordable price.


What Are The Payroll Challenges For Care Homes?

Care home managers face a lot of different challenges in regard to payroll. The care industry has a very high staff turnover rate as the work can be incredibly stressful, meaning that managers may have to regularly update and change payrolls. Moreover, many care homes rely on workers from overseas to fill the demand and there can sometimes be issues regarding their immigration, ID and bank accounts that can add more challenges when managing the payroll. Moreover, if a care home has to rely on bank workers when they are short-staffed, this can lead to a number of problems including PAYE and P45 issues.

With so many challenges facing care home payrolls, managers should be able to find an easier solution to manage them. Fortunately, at eSlip, we can help to ease the stress of care home payroll.


Features of eSlip

Here are some of the main features of eSlip’s recruitment payroll service and healthcare payroll service:

• We can process new starters and leavers including P45s at no extra cost.
• We can pay directly into employees’ bank accounts.
• We can generate end of year returns including Returns P35 and P14/P60.
• We offer and send detailed and completely confidential payslips to your employees via email.


Simplify Your Care Home Payroll Today

If you're looking for an easy way to simplify your payroll, choose eSlip, the professional IT payroll system that can manage all of your payroll needs easily and quickly, giving you more time to care for your residents.

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