What Do You Need To Process A New Starter?

Are you a small business owner who has recruited a new employee for your growing start-up? Perhaps you’re a new HR professional looking to enroll your first new employee in a company? In either case, you will need to learn how to process a new starter.


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Onboarding a new employee is a bit more complex than simply asking them to sign their name on a dotted line. There are a number of steps you must take to ensure that your business stays within the law when you process a new starter. Fortunately, we’ve put together a handy checklist to ensure you get it right every time.


1. Ask Them To Sign A Contract Of Employment

First of all, it is vital that you present a formal offer letter and employment contract that the employee must then sign and return to you.



2. Check That They Have A Right To Work In The UK

You will need to ask for evidence of the prospective employee’s right to work in the UK. The documents must be original, and you must take a photocopy that can then be signed and dated. For a list of acceptable types of documentation, head to the GOV.UK website.



3. Obtain Their References

Request references from their current or recent employer and one other source. For some roles, it may also be necessary to conduct a background check.

4. Take Their Personal Details Including Bank Information

This will be necessary for payroll purposes.

5. Ask For A P45

Obtain a P45 form that has been filled out by their previous employer. If they do not have one, you must ask them to complete a Starter Checklist Form from HMRC.

6. Set Them Up On The Payroll Database

You will need to send the employee’s P45, personal details, join date, and salary to your company’s payroll contact.

7. Add Them To Your HR Database

New starters must be added to your HR database and copies of their contract and evidence of their right to work, along with any other important information, must be uploaded to their employee file.



8. Set Them Up On Your IT Systems

Remember to set new employees up on IT and email systems so they are ready to get to work on day one.



9. Set Them Up On The Phone System

Again, set them up on the phone system or provide them with a mobile phone as soon as possible.



10. Notify Any Relevant Benefit Or Pension Providers

Depending on your company offering, you must provide details about your new employee to any benefit or pension providers such as private health insurance companies.


11. Provide Them With Relevant Access Codes Or Equipment

Make sure that your employee has access to relevant buildings with a security pass or code.



12. Carry Out An Induction Session

According to the law, an induction should at the very least include details of your company’s health and safety procedures and your employment policies.

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