The 3 Options Of Outsourced Payroll Service For Accountants

eSlip Payroll Services is a comprehensive accountancy payroll service, made to empower accountants from all sectors with the ability to offer a quality payroll service to their clients. Through our bespoke payroll services, you’ll enjoy saved time, reduced accountancy costs, and all the advantages of our singular expertise.

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Here are 3 options for payroll outsourcing for accountants we can use to help simplify and optimise your payroll.


Payroll Partner

With a designated payroll partner, you can unload a huge portion of the painstaking admin work that comes with performing as an accountant. Applying years of experience in the financial sector, our partners will help you free up your bandwidth by handling some of the essential processes needed to keep payroll processes running smoothly.

Your partner will communicate directly with your clients, copying you in should you need it, keeping track of all payroll requirements. We’ll ensure that both you and your clients can enjoy total transparency, and a complete and detailed history of your regular payroll processes, ensuring that no important details are lost in the furore of other finance work.

With the Payroll Partner option, we can either invoice your client directly or invoice them through your existing business apparatus, allowing you to include an admin charge as part of the solution.


Client Referral

The client referral option allows you to refer our suite of online payroll for accountants services to your client, safe in the knowledge that their account will be in capable hands with their every need taken care of.

Place your trust in our years of combined expertise, and enjoy the freedom of more time to focus on the other areas of your business.


Payroll Department

If you’d rather frame payroll services as an in-house service, or your client base has a preference for a single point of contact, eSlip Payroll Services offer a virtual payroll department service that will ensure we meet the needs on both sides of the table.

Leveraging all the intuitive email, systems and technology at our disposal, we’ll present our service as your own internal payroll department, helping you maintain the prestige of your business and take good care of your customers. All communications, from simple email queries to in-bound phone calls, will be conducted as your internal accountancy department, and will never carry the name or branding from eSlip.

You’ll be able to enjoy full transparency throughout the process, with total access to communications between eSlip and the client. Contact us today to learn more.

A Free Guide To Outsourcing Your Payroll

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A Free Guide To Outsourcing Your Payroll