Outsourced Payroll In Schools & Academies

Until recently, schools were obliged to leave payroll-related tasks to their local education authority (LEA). Since academies and free schools entered the scene, however, educational institutions have been given more control over their budgets. This has empowered schools and academies to increase the efficiency of their management processes and offer staff an improved payroll service.

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The Problem With Leaving Payroll To The LEA

Whilst some LEAs offer a good service, others have a history of mistakes and issues including:

• Issuing payslips late
• Continuing to pay staff that have left
• Paying part-time employees a full-time wage, or vice versa
• Failing to provide named contacts
• Failing to issue pay reports

As well as causing distress to employees, these kinds of mistakes can end up costing your school time and money, as well as damaging its reputation. Outsourcing payroll can help avoid these issues, offering a range of benefits including:

1. Better Cost Efficiency

Opting to stick with your LEA is not necessarily the most economical option. Indeed, competitively priced outsourced payroll services could free up your budget for other things such as educational resources.

2. Ensure Compliance

Outsourcing your payroll to those with expertise in the education sector will ensure that you remain compliant with ever-changing government legislation. This is vital if you want to avoid some of the heavy fines associated with Government policies.

3. Improve The Accuracy Of Payroll

Opting for outsourced payroll services will help to ensure that staff members are paid what they are owed on time. This is vital if you want to keep motivation levels high and avoid budgetary issues.

4. Improve The Flexibility Of Payroll

Schools and academies that stick with their LEAs often find that they need to hand over payroll information at the beginning of the month. This can cause major delays when it comes to processing information such as sick pay, holiday pay or overtime. Again, these kinds of delays could damage staff morale and have knock-on effects that you may not have anticipated. Outsourcing your payroll can avoid these kinds of issues.

5. Improve The Quality Of Management Information

Opting for a payroll provider that offers information related to absences or specific departments, for example, will help to improve your management processes. It could highlight potential issues surrounding staff health and wellbeing, for example, and ensure that you are paying staff fairly and consistently across the institution.

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