Jill Finally Outsourced Her Payroll!

Jill has always been proud of her 'keep calm and carry on' personality. She's even got a mug with the quote on to prove it.

Request A Quote So when she's bogged down by an influx of incoming phone calls from frenzied staff throwing payroll queries at her, she can simply look at her mug, take a deep breath and put that reassuring keep calm mantra into practice.

Except the reality is somewhat different. Instead of keeping a cool and calm head when all-things payroll are thrust in her direction, she gets herself into a bit of a tizz.

Sarah from Accounts Payable’s back at the dentist again, apparently. Jill’s certainly heard that one before…

With the phone ringing off the hook and emails pinging into her inbox, she goes into panic mode trying to fend off payroll issues that are really out of her depth. To make matters worse, she can't answer any of the queries as she's desperately waiting for colleague Jim to send her the information she needs. With the fax machine out of action, he promised to post the documents to her instead, but where are they? A quick call to the office and Jim sheepishly apologies, explaining the documents are still sitting in his out-tray - he's been too busy troubleshooting the problems with the fax machine!

Jill can feel a headache coming on. She's sorely tempted to swap her mug of tea for something stronger to block out all the payroll woes. But, just as reaches for the bottle, a friendly face lights up her phone screen. It's her good friend, Val, who also works in payroll.

Val is having a morning break, sitting outside with a cup of tea. She's the poster girl for keeping calm and carrying on. Why aren't you up to your eyes in payroll? Jill asks her friend. And the answer Val gives is the exact moment that Jill finally sees the light. Val outsources it!

Val explains to Jill how outsourcing payroll has transformed her life. By letting the professionals deal with all the everyday issues, Val can get on with her usual tasks, free of stress and hassle!

So Jill gives it a go. She gets in touch with the outsourcing payroll company Val recommends, eSlip, and, let's just say, she never looks back. eSlip are up to date with all the latest legislation, and they provide dedicated account managers, meaning that last minute payroll duties are just a phone call away.

Jill can relax safe in the knowledge that the experts are taking care of all aspects of payroll, and she can now raise a toast with a celebratory cup of tea, fully embracing her keep calm philosophy. Now, all she needs to do is work on dragging Jim into the 21st century!

Why not be more like Jill and have your own epiphany moment when it comes to understanding the merits of outsourcing your payroll? Contact the professionals at eSlip today!

A Free Guide To Outsourcing Your Payroll

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A Free Guide To Outsourcing Your Payroll