Changing Payroll Companies Is Not As Hard As You May Think


There are many reasons why companies consider changing their payroll company. Perhaps their current provider is overcharging, making too many mistakes, or the customer support is lacking. Whatever their reasons for wanting to leave, many companies put off transitioning their payroll over to another provider because they worry that it will be too difficult and that the benefits of moving might not outweigh the costs. A move to eSlip payroll, however, is easy and we ensure a smooth transition. Read on to find out some common reasons why companies put off moving their payroll and how we can alleviate these concerns.

Finding The Right Time To Switch

Many companies mistakenly believe that the best time to make the switch is at the end of the tax year. If that ends up being a busy time for business, however, transitioning their payroll can end up getting pushed back over and over again. It is possible to switch payroll at any time, though. Moving payroll at a time that suits a business means that staff can concentrate on their business and that they can leave their provider as soon as they are out of contract.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

It is common for businesses to feel comfortable in the idea that at least your current provider knows your company and fear that changing them means that mistakes would be inevitable. When a business moves to us, however, we will work hard to get to know their company and how this relates to their payroll needs.

Don’t Worry About Change

Many companies worry about changes in reporting formats, payslips, or new and different forms of customer support. These types of changes are inevitable when they swap payroll providers but companies are guaranteed to receive a high-quality service and detailed reports when they switch to eSlip payroll. If any assistance is needed, we have a dedicated customer service centre where staff members can be put straight through to a payroll expert to deal with their query quickly and efficiently. Things will change, but for the better.

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A Free Guide To Outsourcing Your Payroll