Why using payroll software doesn't mean you're doing less work

It's often a selling point of payroll software that it has been designed to make your life easier. You're led to believe that implementing the software will mean less time dealing with payroll - freeing up more time for focusing on business growth.

But, is that actually the case?

Payroll software - not what it seems

In actual fact, you're going to be hard pressed to save time when implementing payroll software. No matter how good the software is, it's not going to be able to input payment data itself. That means that the laborious task of payment data entry is still up to you.


What does that mean? Seemingly endless hours spent pouring through receipts, records, and invoices to make sure the software has the right information to work with. As payroll service solutions go, payroll software isn't an amazing time-saver in its own right.


Does that mean it's useless? Far from it! Payroll software is incredibly impressive and useful. It's capable of keeping track of complex payment streams and is still essential for any business. No matter how good it is, however, it'll still require you to input the information yourself. That's a lot of labour.

What's the solution?

Put simply - if you don't want to do something yourself, is there someone you can pay to do it? In the case of payroll, the answer is yes! Payroll service providers for small business holders, such as eSlip Payroll Services, will be able to take that laborious data entry out of the equation.


They'll manage the entirety of the process for you - all you have to do is allow them access to the relevant data and they'll do the rest. That means the data entry itself, double checking data has been entered correctly, as well as handling any further calculations. All of it is taken care of for you.


What does that mean for you? It means you have time freed up for more important things. A professional payroll service provider will work with you to understand your needs, then tailor their service specifically to you.


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