How Are Payroll Deductions Calculated?

Do you work in payroll, or are you an employee wanting to check your payroll deductions yourself? In this article we explore the simple process you’ll need to follow to accurately check your payroll deductions.

Calculating deductions is relatively simple. However, carrying these out yourself can be time-consuming and leave you open to costly errors.


While many organisations now use payroll software to carry out these calculations automatically, it is always worth double checking to ensure the calculations are correct. Getting it wrong can be incredibly stressful for the employee and can waste valuable resource time putting the error right.


To check your payroll calculations, you’ll need to use GOV.UK’s tax and national insurance calculators, available on the GOV.UK website.


Here, you’ll be asked to enter your employee’s tax code, period of pay, as well as previous total pay to date and previous total tax due to date. Finally, confirm your organisation’s payday at the bottom and click ‘next’.


You’ll be presented with a PAYE tax calculator that shows you the exact tax and national insurance deductions due for that employee over the set period of time.*


While this sounds very simple, the reality of carrying out the deduction process for hundreds if not thousands of colleagues can be daunting, not to mention the hassle you’d face if things went wrong.


This is where eSlip comes in.


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Please note: HM Revenue & Customs cannot be held liable for incorrect output from the online


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A Free Guide To Outsourcing Your Payroll