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Outsourcing your payroll to a professional, external company brings numerous benefits from saving you time to saving you the hassle and eliminating the need to keep up with ever-changing HMRC rules. It also ensures your payroll is run on time and with total accuracy.

Request A Quote Here at eSlip Payroll, we have developed a new all-in-one Payroll Portal to make it even simpler! Our innovative new portal is specifically designed to enhance the payroll services we currently offer. In turn, this gives our valued clients an efficient and secure way to keep tabs on their payroll information.


Our Payroll Portal Is Safe and Convenient

In its most basic form, this new portal delivers secure online access to payroll information for employers and any staff you employ. It makes it super-quick to log in and find key payroll data you might require. It also gives you even more control over outsourcing your payroll and keeping track of it.

But what specific benefits does our Payroll Portal deliver to your business? Firstly, there's no need to email personal data over when using the portal. This is naturally more secure and gives better protection to sensitive data. Security was a key focus for us when building this platform and this means secure online access to staff payslips is included too.


Easy To Use Dashboard and Reporting Functionality

Once logged in, each client has access to a dashboard which makes it simple to get a high-level overview of their payroll. For a more in-depth look, secure payroll reporting is also featured. You can even upload staff payroll documents direct to the portal. This is fast and simple which means you can ensure any documents needed for correct payroll calculations are there. We have also made it possible to view, print and download payslips or payroll reports. This means you can get the information you need when you need it and in the most useful format for you.


What Benefits Does The New Portal Offer To Staff?

It is not just your business that can benefit from using our Payroll Portal. There are a number of ways it also benefits staff too, such as:

- Secure online payslip delivery

- Payslip history from 18/19 tax year available for employees

- User managed portal account

- Free sign-up to portal

- Ability to print, view and download their own P60s, P45s and payslips


eSlip's Payroll Portal - A Summary

In essence, our new platform gives real time access to payroll data from one central platform, for both staff and employers. Managing payroll information is simple for businesses via the intuitive interface which can be used from any device and any location. This flexibility also extends to employees who can view their own data easily from any device. Automatic data synchronisation ensures you always see the most accurate figures, and individual logins enable GDPR compliant payroll access.

To find out more or arrange to be set up on our Payroll Portal, get in touch with eSlip Payroll today using our enquiry form here.

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