Give Your Staff The Gift Of An Earlier Christmas Break

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, and the greatest gift employers can give their employees at the end of the year is an early break. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the business benefits to an earlier holiday in the winter months.

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Better For Employers

Obviously your staff will prefer an earlier break, but what are the business advantages? Treating your staff in an understanding way by tending to their preferences is sure to improve levels of motivation, and therefore productivity. December can be a busy and stressful month for many businesses, so giving your employees a boost at this difficult time will do wonders for overall morale. Giving everyone an earlier Christmas break also removes some of the potential awkwardness for those in senior positions when several staff members request time off simultaneously. In these situations, employers would usually have to choose who is given time off, which can cause unnecessary rifts between team members.

Better For Employees

For many people, the Christmas payslip is the most important of the year. When you consider all the expenses at this time of year - from presents for friends and family to putting food on the table - it's easy to understand why so many employees might struggle until that final payment of the year. For that reason, paying staff at Christmas will take the strain off for many people, and they'll come back in the new year feeling well-rested and ready to start afresh. This time off to spend with friends and family is endlessly valuable to most people, and they'll feel a lot happier knowing that they get to end the year with those they love rather than working extra hours.

How To Get Ready For An Early Break

The most important aspect to scheduling an earlier break for staff is, of course, organising earlier pay. When a company decides to allow time off for their employees, this has to include the accounts team. Those involved in payroll won't appreciate having to stay late and work extra days when everyone else has time off, just to organise pay being scheduled at the correct time. It's also inconsiderate as an employer to disturb the Christmas breaks for those in the accounts team and ask them to return to work for just a day or two, or to go over payroll-related queries.

The best course of action is, therefore, to outsource the organisation of pay at this time of year to a reliable, trustworthy company. Here at eSlip Payroll Services, we pride ourselves on the high-quality service offered to all the businesses that choose us to help at this busy time of year. For more information, feel free to contact us today.

eSlip will be open for help and queries every day going forwards, with the exception Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day!

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