In 2022, Is Jill Still Having To Do Last-Minute Payroll?

Jill was quite enjoying the prospect of working from home. Just think, no more late trains, having to sit next to sweaty passengers or listening to Sarah from Accounts Payable constantly moaning on about her husband's loud snoring. Already, Jill had decided it was going to be bliss!


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But, before Jill could even slip on her slippers, and fire up the laptop at the kitchen table, phone calls from work were coming through thick and fast. Her vision of working from home wasn't turning out to be as easy going as she thought it might be, after all.

Her HR colleague was off sick again. How long does it take for an inflamed bunion to heal? So, that could mean only one thing. Jill was stuck doing the payroll - yet again.

Not to worry, however, as trusty Jim was going to fax over all the information she would need, apparently. Would he ever be dragged into the 21st century and switch to using email, Jill pondered?

Half an hour later, and the fax machine at home remained deathly silent. A quick call to the office, only to be told Jim had nipped out to the office supplies store down the road to get some more staples.

Finally, after an hour, Jim called back to say he was just about to send the payroll information Jill needs. But, much to Jill's horror, she realised that she'd run out of fax paper!

Could The Start To 2022 Get Any Worse?

After finally persuading a reluctant Jim to send the payroll information via email, Jill had all the information she needed to get on with it. Except, she wasn’t really sure what she should be doing! After all, it's not really her area of expertise (thanks HR chum with the bunions).

After glaring at the figures in a state of utter confusion, she thought making a cup of tea might help to get her brain into gear. But, then the phone rang. Edith next door was in distress - her cat had eaten some jigsaw pieces. Could she come over to help?

An hour later and back to the payroll, Jill battled on in ignorance. It was getting late, all those numbers were swarming around the screen, and the system that Payroll normally used had been updated and now that button that does “that thing” that Jill needed to click on to complete the payments had moved somewhere off the face of the Earth! What did it all mean?!

Desperate and exhausted, Jill jumped onto Google for help. It somewhat saved her this time around, and she was just about able to muddle through on a combination of helpful guides and sheer luck, but she finally sent the last payment well after midnight, easily missing the deadline and knowing that there would be a lot of unhappy colleagues getting paid late this month! Not a great start to the New Year.

2022 could get a whole lot better for Jill if she'd just outsource the payroll to an expert provider like eSlip. Go on Jill – just google ‘outsourced payroll services UK’ and get it over with!

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